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A Traffic Source BIGGER Than Facebook - Part-1

From the Laptop of: Joe Okoro
Time: 9:17am

Dear Traffic Seeker,

In this traffic series, I shall be opening your eyes to a traffic source that less than 0.5% of Nigerian Internet Marketers are currently using to sell their products and services online.

When you look around in the Nigerian online marketing space, Where do you know people go to advertise?

Here is what comes to mind...

  • Online newspapers [Think of Punch online, Vanguard, The nations online etc]

  • Gossip blogs [Think of celebrity blogs, like Linda Ikeji, Bella naija etc]

  • Facebook advertising

  • Google Adwords advertising

  • Other unpopular traffic networks

While all of these advertising platforms are great, the problem is it is becoming increasingly difficult to convert prospects you find on these networks, to customers or to leads.

And most importantly, each of these traffic platform is becoming expensive and out of reach for most people.

On the other hand, there is a traffic source that is bigger than Facebook; that is even more responsive than all the above mentioned traffic sources combined. Yes, we know Facebook is the largest social media site in the world.

On this traffic source over 5 billion videos are watched every single day, compared to 1.15 billion daily active users on Facebook, according to a recent March 2017 report on

And more importantly, very tiny people who are using this very traffic sources are making banks everyday, and keeping it secret from the public.

This traffic source still remain an untapped traffic source.

Only those who are very keen to see it will become millionaires using this hot traffic source.

Do you know what that traffic source is?

It's called "Youtube Video Advertising"

Now go to Youtube and try watching any video, what do you see?

Let me guess...

Do you see anything like this...


Come to think of it...

How many people around you, do you know who use Youtube to advertise their products and services?

Let me guess...

You don't know anyone who is doing that in Nigeria, or you can count few of them.

Except for big brands like,, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel and all the multi-billion naira companies.

Do you know that these companies are paying pennies to the dollar to have you see their video adverts on Youtube?

And do you also know that these big brands are getting crazy volumes of traffic such that some of them are selling the traffic back to you when you pay them for adverts for your products?

I mean big brands like and are all over Youtube Videos. You see very short 5 seconds - 30 seconds video each time you try to watch any video on Youtube.

Now let me give you some facts and figures on the traffic potential that you've been losing out on, not advertising on Youtube.

In fact, because you've not been using this particular advert platform, you're losing out millions of Naira in lost revenue.

I'm going to throw a spotlight on the top 10 Youtube channels in Nigeria, and how much traffic each of them get. Most of these channels makes over N50,000,000 per month [Yes 50 Million Naira] from Google Advertising revenues because of the mega traffic they get.

Also note that this is just top 10 Youtube channels from different industries, so it's actually a tiny or very minute traffic compared to the overall available traffic in Nigeria from Youtube.

Top 10 Youtube Channels In Nigeria and Their Traffic Statistics
[Ranked according to the most trafficked channel]

Case Study #1 -  Real Nollywood Clips

This Youtube Movie Channel has over 528,452 subscribers, with a total of 341,373,599 views
[Over 300 Million video views]

Case Study #2 -  PSquare VEVO

The Psquare Music Channel has over 504,998 subscribers, and 261,386,161 views [Over 260Million Views]


Case Study #3 -  Nollywood Pictures TV

The Nollywood Pictures TV channel has over 351,206, subscribers, and over 231,906,778 views
[Over 231Million Views]

Case Study #4 -  Nollywood Streams

The Nollywood Streams channels commands an amazing 400,756, subscribers, and got over 219,346,296 views [219 Million views]

Case Study #5 -   iBAKA TV

This movie channel has over 430,059 subscribers, has got over 213,537,053 views [Over 213Million Views]

Case Study #6 -   Emmanuel TV

This is TB Joshua Youtube Channel which has over 498,087 subscribers, and over 208,289,703 views
[Over 208 Million views]

Case Study #7 -  Davido Music Worldwide

The popular musician Davido owns this channel with over 325,653 subscribers, and 204,599,884 views
[Over 204million views]

Case Study #8 -  Official Flavour

The popular musician Flavour's Youtube Channel boosts 335,741 subscribers, and over
203,351,057 views [Over 203million views]

Case Study #9 -  Mavin Records

The Mavins Youtube channel has over 342,001, subscribers, and over 179,918,128 views
[Over 179 million views]

Case Study #10 -  Mark Angel Comedy

The Mark Angel Comedy Channel has over 717,772 subscribers [largest Youtube subscriber base in Nigeria],
and over 162,647,079 views [Over 162 million Views]

From the above Youtube traffic case studies, you can see that Youtube get mind blowing traffic. Many of these channels get over 5 million views on their channel per month, per channel.

Now Imagine if you position your offers, products or services in front of these crazy traffic, how much do you think your business will change?

If you want to see more of similar case studies, go to to see the top 100 Nigerian Youtube channels as they're gathering tens of millions of views every month from the Nigerian audience alone.

Now that we have identified that Youtubers in Nigeria are getting traffic, the question is...

How do we harness or channel these huge video views to our products or services?

You can actually place a video ad just like, and many other big brands right within the videos of these popular Youtube channels.

And if you want more targeted traffic, you can also target your ads to appear on channels relating to particular niches. Even if these Youtube channels are not owned by Nigerians, you can select your audience targeting options  such that only Nigerians visiting particular channels are shown your Youtube videos ads.

A lot of Nigerians watch foreign Youtube channels, you can get these traffic and advertise to them using a targeting strategy I will show you in the follow up series to this pre-launch newsletter.

For example, let's say I want everyone who watches any of the MarkAngel Comedy videos to see my ads, all I need to do is to program my advertising such that it appears as the first video overlay, before the real Mark Angel comedy video starts playing.

How do I do it?

See below an example of which plays before real video starts...

As you may have noticed, that video is very short, about 5 seconds, and it's for the purpose of branding.

Niche Specific Targeting - How It's Done!

Now let's assume you want to target a niche specific Youtube video channel. Let's also assume you're selling a weight loss supplement to people who wish to lose weight, to target Nigerians who will patronize you, you'll have to select similar channels visited by Nigerians.

Here's how to do the targeting...

While setting up my Youtube ads, when I typed in the term "weight loss", I got over 50 channels with over
2-million subscribers on different channels.

Now, I can choose to add all the Youtube channels to my campaign and save it, so that when people visit these niche specific videos, they'll see my video ads, which is also talking on the same topic they're watching on the channels.

However, depending on my call to action from the first 5 seconds of watching the video ad, will determine whether the visitor continues watching it or skips it to the main channel video.

Now let's look at the 3 different types of Youtube video ads you can run for your products and services.

3 Types of YouTube Ads

Ad Type 1 – In-Stream Ad

Just as the name suggests, this type of video ads "streams" ON the original video you're about to watch.
Major parts of the video ad is seen just before you start watching the intended video, other video ads just pop in and interrupts the viewer at the middle of the original video.

In-Stream ads are designed to capture the attention of your prospects in the first five seconds of the ad. After the five second mark viewers have the choice to continue watching your ad or click the “Skip Ad” button and continue on to watch the original video.

These ads are a great way to gain mass visibility and are charged on a Cost-Per-View (CPV) basis. The amount you will pay per view depends heavily on how in-depth you want to target your audience. The ad is free until it reaches 30 seconds or is played in full (whichever comes first), after that you will be charged for the view.

Here is an example of In-Stream ad from a company called Wishpond. Their ad promotes a free ebook on seven advanced tricks to optimize landing page conversions.


The In-Stream ad promotes a free ebook on seven advanced tricks to optimize landing page conversions. This is the landing page when I clicked on the video ad.

By using this type of ad they are able to disrupt the viewers attention and force them to focus on the message about their free ebook. The user is then given the choice by YouTube to continue watching the ad or skip it.

Here’s some tips if you want to use the In-Stream ad…

Craft your script to grab your viewer's attention within the first five seconds. After the five second threshold, they can skip your ad so it’s important to grab attention quickly.

You can target these ads to show to people that…

  • Are searching YouTube for specific keywords

  • Have viewed similar content

  • Are watching videos on specific YouTube channels

  • Have visited specific web page (Retargeting)

Ad Type 2 – In-Display Ad

From the name, it is a video ad that is "Displayed" along with other organic searches of related videos.

In-Display YouTube ads are the ones that appear to the side of content you are watching on YouTube. This ad type is shown at the top of the recommended content and can catch users attention as they are viewing other video content.

In the past YouTube would highlight this type of content with a yellow border to signify that it's an ad. But, with “native advertising” being all the rage YouTube now blends the ads with the other organic listings.

That’s a good thing for advertisers.

BlueHost, a web hosting company, uses an In-Display ad to promote their Beginner’s Guide content. See it below...

When you click on this very ad, the viewer is taken straight to the BlueHost YouTube channel page to educate them on "How To Use WordPress along with other tutorials."

Below is the screenshot of the Bluehost Youtube Video Channel that you land on...


The In-Display ads do not link directly to a landing page, like the In-Stream ad, but instead are designed to keep the viewer inside of the YouTube environment..

These ads function differently than the first ad type we covered, the In-Stream ad. Where the In-Stream ad wants to quickly capture the viewer’s attention and possibly get them to subscribe to a newsletter, these types of ads are designed to follow more of a natural flow by keeping the viewer inside of YouTube, possibly to get more Likes or Youtube subscribers.

Here’s some tips if you want to use the In-Display ad…

In-Display ads DO NOT take users directly to your website. You’ll want to build calls to action into your video content to move viewers from your YouTube content to a landing page.

You can include links in the video descriptions to a landing page and you can include clickable annotations to take them back to your site as well.

Study how popular YouTube channels create eye-catching thumbnail images. Images with bright colored borders or large visible text with a clear call to action are a good way to go.

Use In-Display ads if you want to build your YouTube channel subscribers or if you want more views on your YouTube content.

Ad Type 3 – In-Search Ad

In-Search ads appear in response to a search query typed into the YouTube search box. In other words, this is a keyword based type of video ad. Your video shows up on the Youtube search engine when one of the keywords you used in your campaign is triggered.

These ads are placed above the organic listings and contain a little yellow ad box next to their thumbnail.

When typing in the keyword ‘workout’ one of the top In-Search results is a Before and After thumbnail image for a video called “3 Tips To Lose Belly Fat” from a company called Six Pack Shortcuts.

When clicked on the video ad, it takes the viewer to the Six Pack Shortcuts YouTube channel page. This is a great way to introduce new prospects to all of their content and increases the chances of subscriptions as well as clicks back to their website.

Below is the Youtube Channel of the above In-Search ad


When the viewer clicks on either the call to action overlay in the video or the link in the description (see arrows above) the viewer is taken to their landing page with a video sales letter as shown below...

In your own case, if you're an internet marketer like me, this is the same method you should use to get leads for your business. Instead of a video sales letter, I would direct visitors to a lead capture landing page, or direct them to a lead generating article on my blog.

Here’s some tips if you want to use the In-Search ad…

Make sure you have a clear call to action in the video, an enticing thumbnail image and a strong headline for your video to entice clicks.

This type of ads allows you to get views on your Youtube content without having the intrusive content interruption as seen from the In-Stream ads.

If you can learn how to leverage on this very huge untapped traffic source, it will give you an unfair advantage over your competition and help you to get more leads, more sales and ultimately grow your business.

My Plan To Help You Crack
The Code To Youtube Advertising

Youtube advertising is an art.

You don't just go in and start running ads. There are very strict rules to follow, and Google, the company behind Youtube ensures that all the rules are abided by, else you are booted out for life.

Furthermore, this type of advertising, even though it's the most powerful and responsive advertising model available today due to its nature - videos ads, it's something that is new, very few people know how to use it profitably.

In fact if you don't have a proper guide, you'll not be able to advertise on Youtube.

And if you want to learn it, the courses available are beyond the reach of many budding entrepreneurs and many others interested in learning it. I paid $397 [Over N180,000 at the time] for a course to learn it myself last year when the exchange rate was through the roof, so it is not a common knowledge.

Even at that, most of the things I'm teaching you here are from my own experience of using the platform, it's not covered in the course. As you use the system, you'll surely learn new tricks to effective advertising that you can't find in courses.

I have used Youtube advertising myself for sometime now, and I can see that it something that every entrepreneur, whether a newbie or an advanced marketer, or anyone who has something that need exposures should have in his arsenal.

The fact is, with this type of advertising, you can get the highest quality leads for as little as $0.15 - $0.30.

Why am I teaching you all of these on Youtube Ads?

The answer is simple!

I have a product launch coming up shortly. It's called "The YouTube Traffic Plan Video Course".
It's going to be one of the most in depth video course on Youtube advertising.

This video course It's going to be the answer to the prayers of a lot of people who are struggling to figure out how Youtube advertising works.

It will also be a relief to the many online entrepreneurs whose multiple Facebook accounts has been flagged by Facebook. Many people will stop advertising in the overcrowded online news magazine, and blogs on discovering this very powerful traffic generation model.

The interesting thing is, even with a meagre $5, you can run your advert and avoid the expensive upfront cost required by many advertising agency and media houses.

The next newsletter on this YouTube ads series will be an insider look at how to target particular niches and drive traffic to get cheap leads. It will be titled:

"Using Youtube to Target Your Market - A Step by Step Guide [Part 2 of 3]!"

Watch out for this in my next email newsletter.

When you see my email, just do one thing...

Open it and read everything!

Joe Okoro
Your Traffic Giant

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